Additional Services

SMS alerts for upcoming dental appointments
As a value added service to our patrons, Dental Creations sends you SMS alerts of upcoming appointments with us. This is in addition to telephonically confirming your appointments one day prior.

Annual Dental Check-up reminders
An annual dental check up keeps dental disease at bay and keeps you smiling for the better part of the year. Dentists’ world over recommend a simple scaling or oral prophylaxis procedure once a year to ensure that your teeth are in good shape. This also doubles up as a dental screening for any dental problems that may have cropped up unexpectedly. Initiating treatment in the initial stages of a dental condition saves a patient a lot of pain and agony not to mention time and that the treatment options are simpler. We proactively send out reminders of impending annual dental check ups to our patrons.

Long Appointments
Most dental procedures require multiple sittings to complete the treatment. To help those who are pressed for time, NRI patients or those who cannot come frequently, we schedule long appointments . So, instead of calling you for four consecutive sessions, we try to complete your procedure in a single session. With the help of trained doctors, dedicated staff and efficient dental laboratory support we have a system of long appointments which lasts 2 to 4 hours where multiple procedures are completed in one day.

Dental School Screening Programs
Dental School Screening programs give us the opportunity to assess the dental condition of children, make the necessary recommendations, treat and arrest caries in the initial stages and monitor the progress thereon. To do this, we conduct annual dental screening programs in schools. A detailed report of the findings is handed over to the parents along with the recommended treatment procedure and preventive methods. They are taught the correct way to brush their teeth, the importance of rinsing their mouth after meals and to avoid sweets and refined foods. Children are also awarded a certificate for their participation.

We not only screen and educate children on good dental habits and hygiene, but also ensure that the teachers, who are important influencers in the classroom, are also trained. This enables them to reinforce vital information on good dental habits.

If you wish to have a dental screening program in your school, please contact us. We will be happy to partner with you.

Corporate Programs
Organizations are waking up to the fact that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Dental health forms an integral part of the overall health and well-being of a person. It’s not surprising then, that organizations looking at increased employee productivity, company profits and employee retention are investing in medical and dental benefits for their employees. We work with organizations to understand their requirements and customize a dental benefit plan for their employees.

We also assist organizations in creating awareness about various dental health related issues. If you would like us to visit your office campus or facility and address your employees on dental problems and awareness, we will be happy to be of assistance.