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Dr. Sunita Pradhan

B.D.S. , M.B.A. (X.L.R.I., Jamshedpur)

Dr. Sunita Pradhan, a multi- faceted dentist who has dabbled in clinical dentistry, health insurance and healthcare marketing.

After her Bachelor's in Dentistry, she went on to acquire a degree in Business Administration from Xavier Labour Relations Institute, (XLRI, Jamshedpur).

On the clinical front she manages general and paediatric dentistry. She is the face for all administrative marketing activities for Dental Creations.

She is very passionate about cooking and is a self taught homechef. She has launched a brand of artisanal flavoured butters called ‘Little Treats’ which are available in the retail market and online portals.

Outside work, her passions include painting, reading books and travelling.

PS: 'Little Treats’.