Dental Implants are an exciting technology that have been used in our practice ever since its inception. They are titanium posts used for replacement of the root of a missing tooth or teeth and provide the foundation for a crown, bridge or dentures. Implants have helped hundreds of patients achieve tooth replacement without damaging adjacent teeth or living with cumbersome removable dentures. Dental implants improve chewing comfort and stop adjacent teeth from shifting positions. They prevent further bone loss where a tooth was removed, thereby avoiding weakening of the jawbone and caving in of facial structures.

Am I a candidate for implants?
Patients of all ages are candidates for implants and they are the right choice for anyone missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or decay. They are especially practical for patients who can no longer wear removable dentures. Your dentist can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants after a careful evaluation of your dental and medical history.

Do I have enough bone?
It is important for a patient to have enough bone to support the implant. If you do not have enough bone, there are many safe and effective ways to correct bone deficiency. Your dentist will assess this and advise you if additional bone material is needed.

The advantages
Here are four important advantages of dental implants compared to alternatives such as dentures and bridges:

  1. You’ll look and feel great.Dental implants feel, look, fit and function like healthy, natural teeth. You can brush and floss them just like you do your natural teeth – no need to remove them for cleaning. They also help you retain your natural face shape and smile.
  2. They often last a lifetime.Dental implants that are properly cared for can last many decades. Many other options, including certain types of dental bridges and dentures, may need to be replaced as often as every 5 to 10 years, requiring a more significant investment of time and money.
  3. No change in your dental routine.Your dental implants are secure and they won't slip or click when you talk, eat or laugh. You'll find that your speech is more natural. With dental implants, you'll have the peace of mind to eat what you want,  say what you want to say, be as active as you want and smile broadly.
  4. They protect facial bone and healthy teeth.Leaving empty spaces in your mouth after losing one or more teeth can lead to the loss of bone in that area. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that actually helps stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss. Getting dental implants as soon as possible after losing a tooth helps prevent bone loss at the site. Also, dental implants don't require grinding down adjacent teeth to anchor bridges or attach partial dentures.