Services Offered

Many people suffer from dental anxiety, and this makes them defer a visit to the dentist. At Dental Creations we work consciously towards creating a positive patient experience for you. We have created a calm and inviting atmosphere where patients receive top-notch dental care. To help you relax during the procedures, you can choose music & movies of your choice in the operatories and a few jokes for good measure will calm those nerves and make your experience with us a pleasant one.


Your first visit is of utmost importance to us, as it will stay with you forever. Your teeth aren’t our only concern. Research has linked overall health to dental wellness, so we focus on the wellbeing of your whole oral system, including your mouth, gums, teeth and bite. By determining the cause of your problems and correcting the underlying issues, we can restore the harmony and stability of your mouth for the long term. During your first visit, you will complete necessary paperwork and then meet with our dentist. Data will be collected through a series of comprehensive examinations allowing us to get a complete picture of your state of oral health. Our examinations include x-rays, oral cancer screening (if required), review of your current medical health history, screening for periodontal disease, and charting of existing dental conditions. Once we understand your unique situation, we will formulate a plan to maintain and improve your oral health. Our goal is to ensure that your teeth are functionally strong and that you have a beautiful smile for life.